I hope its not too late to share my 2015 Christmas adventure. However, I think that it is never too late to share travel adventures. Why? Because these sites, hotels and activities can always be re-visited in future. In addition, the information helps in providing a clear picture of how the place is.

On December 24th 2015, I had the pleasure to visit Mombasa County, Coast region in Kenya. When most Kenyans and other tourists think of the place, they think of tranquillity, peace, blue skies and seas, and meeting lovely people. I met a British family who told me that they have been going to Mombasa for the last 25 years. 13 of those years, they have been going to the same hotel in South Coast and lucky enough they always get the same room which has a sea view. Who wouldn’t want such a room?

Mombasa, always has a positive and unexplained experience that makes you an addict.

For those who haven’t been to Mombasa, it is south of Nairobi. It has beautiful and clean beaches, friendly people, finger-licking food, good hotels (varies with cost), activities that both parents and their children can be involved in, and many many more things that will make you always go back for more.

Mombasa has 2 coasts: North coast (inland) and South coast (island). Due to pressure from my travel buddy, we ended up in South Coast, a place called Diani.

We started our journey at 1am on 24th December, at the night. We were meant to leave at 10pm but due to poor planning of transportation from the service providers we left late. We made two stops within Nairobi to pick other passengers before starting our journey. There are usually a number of buses (coaches) making many trips during the day and at night from Nairobi to Mombasa and vice versa. There are also different flights from different flight companies at different times.

We reached Mtito wa Ndei, where we had a stop-over for half and hour or less for people to get something to eat and use the washrooms. We proceeded straight to Mombasa from there. We were reaching at 7am at the Mombasa office of the bus that ferried us there. Later, we went to the hotel in South Coast. To get to South Coast, we had to cross the mainland to South Coast using the ferry at Likoni. This took less than half an hour. From the ferry dock in South Coast to the hotel it took us an hour and a half.

Finally we were at the hotel!! Beautiful hotel and as usual warm, smiling receptionists ready to book us in as the porter escorts us to our room. The holiday officially started.

Santa and I were about to introduce each other but who should utter the first word

3 days in Diani was filled with bliss and utter happiness. The photos below speak for themselves


Beach football
Sea life
Which marine transportation would you prefer?
Free deep sea diving practice
It’s that easy, in a swimming pool
Evening relaxation by the pool, day 1
Morning beach stroll at low tide


Sea life – Sea Urchin
Panoramic view from the sea to the shore
Evening beach volleyball
The sunset has an audience
The tide got higher
Afternoon tea


Bright lights; Christmas entertainment

That was our last night in Mombasa.

Next morning, we had to find our way back to mainland and get transportation back to Nairobi. Our adventure came to an end but we were ready for the next one.

If you have an adventure of your own, share with us. No adventure is too small to be shared with everyone.



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