Everyone has a different interpretation of the word “holiday”. Personally, holiday means a day/s away from home filled with relaxation, fresh air, laughter, adventure, delicious food, and new experiences. All these shared with family or/and friends. Your understanding of the word “holiday” could be the same as mine or different.

On December, together with my cousins we chose to go to Sagana which is in Kirinyiga County. Destination was Savage Wilderness. Directions: If you are driving from Nairobi to Savage Wilderness, its approximately 100km or less; and if you are driving from Nakuru to Savage Wilderness, its approximately 230km or less (using the Nyahururu – Nyeri route). Once you get to Sagana keep an eye out for the campsite signage board.

On our arrival to the campsite, it was not a disappointment. It was breathtaking. From the parking lot to the camping area, the air was filled with laughter from the guests, fresh air all round and green vegetation. We spent 3 days and 2 nights at campsite.

See below the activities that we had the pleasure of enjoying.

Among my first views of the campsite


Crossing the bridge was for all ages but with a little help
The bungee jumping pole view from the bridge
The river between the campsite 
Is it an ascending or descending staircase to you? 
Some accommodation options
Challenging teamwork exercise
It looked simple but even the “adult-adults” were in awe
Tired and ready to crossover


Our accommodation for the 2 nights. Yes, it was comfortable
Morning hike away from the camp
Could this be the “Road less travelled”?
Waiting for lunch after a long hiking trail 
Cool off in the evening. I look calm but it was a struggle walking in the shallow waters bare-feet
Ain’t it a beauty? Mini-waterfall that we discovered
Trying a river-level pose

The days spent there were relaxing. If you are not shy of adventure, hiking, swimming, testing your adrenaline levels, then this is the place for you. It is more memorable when you are in a big group.

If you have an adventure of your own, share with us. No adventure is too small to be shared with everyone.

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveller is unaware.” Michael Buber


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