The 5 simple S’s on meeting people

Welcome to another Etiquette Monday!

This week the focus is on “meeting people”.

What is the first thing you do when you meet someone that you want to talk to? Are you tongue tied? Do you start with the issue at hand without going through the basics of a meet? Do you grumble through the conversation? Are you confused on whether to smile or frown? Are you listening or always talking more than you should? Some of us find ourselves in such situations. I can’t say that I’m an expert in meeting people, but I always manage to start a conversation that ends with me gaining a new contact. How is it for you?


The reason why I feel this is important in etiquette is because not many people deal well with meeting new people or carrying a conversation in a room full of people or even on one to one basis. When you meet someone for the first time, how do you approach them? I found an easy guide that will help you. It’s called the “5 S’s of meeting people”.


First S: “Stand when meeting someone”. This applies to when you are seated of course. Standing when greeting someone makes that person feel important. This helps in leaving an impression. Imagine if you greeted someone and they chose to continue siting? You may think that it is rude or the person cannot be bothered to give you attention when you greet them, or they are tired. Standing may not look like a big deal but in some situations it is a big gesture. Standing shows respect.

Second S: “Smile  When you smile you look like a warm person to approach and talk to. If you frown someone thinks that you are having a bad day, therefore the person chooses to pass you. Also the degree of smiles vary. Know how wide you should smile. Hopefully, I can post something about this in future.

Third S: “Say your name, loudly and clearly”. Always remember to say your name when introducing yourself. “Hello, my name is ….” When you are saying goodbye, also say your name just in case the person might have forgotten. If the person, you are meeting doesn’t say theirs, inquire. “Excuse, kindly remind me your name.”  (Secret: during the conversation always refer to their name. This helps in remembering the person’s name.)

Forth S: “Shake”: Shake his or her hand firmly. A firm handshake speaks volumes. Firm handshakes are always important in meeting people. A handshake will make someone recognise you. In person, I am short and petite, therefore, most people expect my handshake to be weak. However, I always surprise them, with a firm handshake. Many are the times that the handshake stopped people on their tracks. Practise on how firm your handshake should be. (Remember, different people have different grips: strong, average, or weak). P.S not all cultures shake hands. Hopefully I will post on this soon

Fifth and last S: “Say, Nice to meet you”. You can say this at the beginning and end of the conversation. This communicates that you valued the time that the person shared with you, no matter how short or long it was, or whether the conversation added value to your life or not.

I believe these 5 basic ways of carrying out a conversation are important. Therefore practice and teach others on what they should do when meeting people. #etiquettemonday #meetingpeople #5simplesformeetingpeople

Thank you for reading this post.



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