Home of the Mountain Gorillas, Bwindi

A place where you become one with nature. Dense forests, tall indigenous trees, hundreds of different species, cool running waterfalls, beautiful scenery, mountains, gorilla families, challenging terrains, and an impenetrable forest.

Where is this? It is in the South Western part of Uganda, at the edge of the Albertine Rift Valley: The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. It is the famous impenetrable national park that a friend mentioned would love to visit when he had the chance to. It is bordered by both Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. I chose to explore it from the pearl of Africa, Uganda.

The flight landed in Entebbe International Airport at 4:00pm and I was ready to go to the campsite and get some rest before the long anticipated day. There were two options to get to the campsite: by road which would take approximately 8 hours or more; or use a chartered flight that would take approximately 1 hour. Due to the excitement and the time I had to spend in Uganda, I opted to use the chartered flight to go there. However, when coming back to the airport I went by road to see the towns and areas on the way.

I reached the campsite in the evening where, I checked in; had supper and retired early. I woke early got some breakfast and proceeded to the campsite entrance where I had organised with the tour guide we would meet. Luckily, there was a group of other individuals that were also going to the national park for the first time. The tour guide inducted us on the do’s and don’ts of the time will be in the park. P.S. It is advised that when going Gorilla trekking in the national park it is best to go with a park ranger because they know the trails and what to do in case of any emergency.

The moment we entered the park, the long anticipated moment became a reality.

Entrance signage

There were many animals and species waiting to be discovered. As the park seats on an area of approximately 331 squared kilometres, there were hundreds of species and wildlife. Please see below some of the things we saw during the days we were there.


Photo credits: tripadvisor.org
Dense forest photo courtesy of The Telegraph
Dense forest similar to what we see in the documentaries in Nat Geo: photo credits, The Telegraph
SafariCamps_com Bwindi Impenetrable National Park 28-600x450
Beautiful waterfall. Photo credits: safaricamps.com
African Dusky Flycatcher
Always obey the signage
Gorilla Walkers Uganda
Young gorillas playing. Photo credits: Gorilla Walkers Uganda


Photo credits: safariuganda.com
Gorilla family. How remarkable is this?
Photo credits:ugo.co.ug

The place is as beautiful as the photos above. The visit there makes a person understand the jungle life lived by fictional characters like George of the jungle. Being there made me wish I could swing from one vine to another without catching a hanging snake instead of a vine (eeek).

When planning to go to the impenetrable forest, plan ahead. You will require a gorilla trekking permit which costs approximately $600. Plan to stay at a campsite or lodge near the park. If possible travel with a group of people; the more the merrier. Prepare yourself for harsh weather during the mornings and night. I would advise to also get physically fit before going there. The terrains are not at all polite. Get the right gear (shoes, clothes, carry-on back pack, rain coat, etc), a good camera to capture all the moments during your trip, clean drinking water and energy snacks.

The trip online was wonderful. I hope the day I will go the impenetrable forest in person, the experience will be better.

Please note: Some of the adventure I post on this blog are research from the internet. I take time collecting information on the various tourist sites and later collate the information to something I can share with all of you. However, there are some adventures that I have had the pleasure of going for. This blog helps me live my passion for travel.

I hope you enjoyed this adventure as much as I have. Thank you for sparing time and see you next time in another adventure.


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