Easter Day 1 & 2: Murchison Falls National Park

Although Easter was almost a month ago, I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

I had a 2 day adventure that had: Calm and raging waterfalls, crocodiles that tormented Captain Hook (if you have watched Peter Pan you know who I am referring to), majestic river that flows across countries, hippos that give you a stink eye when they see you, lions that enjoy the evening breeze under trees, crowned cranes that show their beauty to everyone, and Patas monkeys that are always so serious.

All these and more was at the Murchison Falls National Park. It is located in Buliisa district in western Uganda and in Nwoya district in northern Uganda. (For those who do not know where Uganda is: It is in East Africa. It borders: to the east by Kenya, to the north by South Sudan, to the west by the Democratic Republic of Congo, to the south-west by Rwanda, and to the south by Tanzania.)

Please see below a detailed map of the national park’s location. The park is adjacent to Bugungu Game Reserve and Karuma Game Reserve.

SafariLodges_com Murchison Falls National Park Map IP

In 1952 Murchison Falls National Park became one of Uganda’s first national parks. The park is well known for the Murchison falls. The falls is 40 metres high where the Nile river is forced through a 6 metre gap in the rift valley escarpment. Whether you are at the top or bottom of the falls, you get a rush seeing the water crash against the rocks and through the escarpment. Apart from the falls, the park has a variety of wild animals and birds. Park’s notable visitors alert: Sir Winston Churchill (1940 – 1945 & 1951 – 1955 Prime Minister of the United Kingdom), Theodore Roosevelt (26th President of United States of America) and Ernest Hemingway (American novelist) once upon a time visited the national part at different times.

Our itinerary: first day; to visit the national park and second day; to see the falls.

On our way there we had to cross the Nile using the vehicle ferry at Paraa. There were various timings on when the ferry crosses. We planned to get on the 11am ferry which we almost missed. Tip: If you do not want to go through the hustle of spending lots of much time on the road or crossing the Nile, there are chartered flights that land at Pakuba.

Uganda Safaris Paraa-Ferry-UWA
Paraa Ferry crossing Photo credits: Uganda Safaris

When we reached the other side, we drove towards the park.

Gate to Murchison falls national park
Entrance to the park Photo credits: World of waterfalls
Entry Guidelines
Photo credits: Riding the buses

As we were heading towards the hotel, we saw some animals and a beautiful sunset. See the photos below. End of Day 1

Photo credits: Adena tours and travel
Crowned cranes
Photo credits: Audley Travel
Wildlife in its natural habitat
Photo credits: Elgon Tours & Travel Agency

Below are the Patas monkeys. See how serious they look? I wonder if they ever smile. Fun fact about the monkeys: They have been called the “dancing monkeys” because they jump when they are excited.

Patas monkeys
Photo credits: Nonbillable Hours


Beautiful sunset to mark the end of the day.

Sunset view
Photo credits: Kazinga Tours

Day 2: Down Victoria Nile and past the Murchison falls

I was too excited (tried not to jump like the Patas monkey) about today’s itinerary . We planned to go on a boat cruise down the Nile so that we can see the majestic falls, animals and birds. The boat cruise we used picked us up at the hotel shore at 8:30am. The cruise was approximately 3 hours long. The hotel kitchen staff were kind enough to give us some snacks to carry.

Take a look at what we saw during and after the cruise:

Photo credits: The safari index
Down Victoria Nile
Other tourists eager to see the falls like we were

The mighty Victoria Nile

The 80km stretch
Photo credits: Ker&Downey
The Nile croc
Photo credits: The bizarre globe hopper
Photo credits: Tripadvisor
Asyanut Safaris
Photo credits: Asyanut Safaris
The Shoebill Photo credits: SafariBookings
Murchuson and Uhuru falls
Photo credits: Nationalparks-worldwide.info

The majestic, raging Murchison Falls

Photo credits: Popular Safaris


The adrenaline of watching the water hit the rocks
Photo credits: Shutterstock

While at the top of the falls

Photo credits: Uganda Gorilla Safaris
At the top of the falls
Photo credits: SafariBookings

You can also go for white water rapids in the Nile ⇓

White water rapids
Photo credits: All time safaris

After we got back from the 3 hour boat cruise, we relaxed got some early lunch and started our journey back to the vehicle ferry dock. While we were waiting, that is when we got to see the top of the falls (photos above). The park is definitely worth visiting.

Please Note:

  1. Carry your cameras because there are beautiful sights to take photos of to share with friends, family and people on social media.
  2. Wear light coloured clothes, long sleeved shirts or tshirts, khaki trousers, and insect repellent. More explained here
  3. Use tour guides to help you plan your visit (they know the secrets of the park and where you can take the best photograph 😉
  4. Best time to visit the park is during the dry season. You get to see the some of the animals along the Nile

I hope you enjoyed to know and see what the Murchison Falls National Park has to offer. If you have been there, share with us your adventure. If you have been to the Bugungu or Karuma Game Reserve also share with us.

Did you travel during your Easter holiday or days after, maybe in your hometown, neighbouring city or country? If yes, share, share, share your adventures. I would be more than happy to see what you saw and also learn from it. If you have posted your adventures on your blog, please share with us the link.

Thank you for sparing some time to experience this adventure with me. See you soon as I take you through our day 3 of our Easter holiday.  🙂


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