United Kingdom

Bio: I am a Kenyan, who loves travelling and sightseeing. My first trip was to Kampala, Uganda when I was young. At that tender age I was not complacent about travelling. I remember enjoying the local delicacies and the freedom of not waking up before dawn. Unfortunately, those memories fade away like the Columbus clouds in a hot summer day. Travelling became a remarkable phenomenon in my life, the first time I went to the Coastal region in Kenya with my parents and siblings. The scenery, food, people and language made me realize that travelling was not always getting in the car and being driven for more than 3 hours. It was much more. Travelling gave me a learning experience that years in a classroom may not be able to. Unfortunately, my affair with travel has been suffering for many months but this platform will reignite the flame that was once there. This affair will also show everyone, how beautiful our countries, continents and world is. Every moment and every day is an adventure waiting to be explored. Online globe trotter is a platform for me and others to explore countries to see what they have to offer. Join me as I travel the globe online. It will not cost you any flight, accommodation, visa or meal fees, just your time and imagination. Hopefully, one day we will all have the chance to visit these magnificent countries in person. When you do, send me photos and a small write-up of your experience and I will post it for everyone to see and read. Let's discover most of these countries together. Safari njema (Safe journey)!!

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